The Heart Of A Champion CD Coming Soon - Preview "I Grow Strong" Track!

announcements Mar 19, 2021

Hey Champion,

I am thrilled that the Heart of a Champion CD is halfway done. I believe this Daily Affirmational CD is going to help you to grow. It's going to help you to grow holistically.

This CD was born out of me because I had a desire to create a resource for myself that could remind me of things that would motivate me to move forward in reaching my goals and chief major aim.

These are a few of my daily affirmations that I would typically repeat as I would go for my walks. However, I wanted to develop something to quickly pick up and listen to and remind me, even without having to sit and physically read my affirmations.

This CD is going to provide you with an opportunity to listen and say what's being said. And even if you want to hear it without saying anything, you will be able to do that as well.

The first track I have available for you to preview is called "I Grow Strong." It helps you to look at whatever you're going through differently, especially setbacks, adversity,...

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