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  • Salsa Biz and Nonprofit Salsa0:52

Salsa Biz™and Nonprofit Salsa™

Is your organization getting kind of stale and boring? Could it use some spice and excitement to reinvigorate it? Are you interested in improving your leadership capacity in a non-traditional way that’ll leave you buzzing…one you and your team will not soon forget? SALSA BIZ™ and NONPROFIT SALSA™ will help add spice to your organization’s life! I’ll share some important lessons your organization can learn from salsa! 
Salsa music and dance is loved by millions of people worldwide! I’ll help your organization see how to improve it’s leadership, strategic activities, organizational culture, plus stand out from the rest of the pack with out-of-the-box marketing tips. Who knows? You might even learn a salsa move or two! To book this event for your organization, simply dance your way over to the Request Rodney Now  button and our team will be in touch with you soon.
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