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33 Days of People

Expressing Themselves

This entire experience has been a blast and has allowed me a wonderful opportunity to meet some really neat people along the way.

I've asked many people about their goals, dreams and challenges and am taking their words to heart as I continue to develop the 33 Day Challenge .

My goals is to make sure this resource is practical and useful for you and others to get unstuck and move forward with accomplishing your goals.

 The 33 Day

Challenge Poem

offering us answers to bold

questions that stir us from

sleep at night, under the misty

clouds of our peaceful dreams.

we take these challenges with

no certain direction but know that

they can sometimes be calculated

within frames, nudging us to lift

ourselves from languorous states,

away from that which gives us

routine to do nothing but conquer

that from within. that voice, now

screaming for an ultimate action,

for this is all a celebration of

being and even if it goes all wrong,

at least something happened.

by topacio althaus

november 3, 2013

33 Day Challenge

Getting stuff done

What's keeping you from reaching your goals?  Are you finding it a challenge? Do you need a little extra motivation to help you along the way? I'd love to help you in your pursuit. That's why I have created the 33 Day Challenge. This program will inspire you to reach your goals  become unstoppable. Let's face it...doing anything meaningful in life will require great sacrifice, dedication and unswerving focus.

I know it can be hard to overcome obstacles as you journey to accomplish your goals. However, I also know it is a tremendous feeling to conquer something you want to achieve in spite of the struggle.

The 33 Day Challenge will be available soon to help you move forward and get stuff done!

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